• One to One
  • One to Group
  • Community Mobilization
  • Drop In Center (DIC)
  • Events
  • Inter-Personal Communication (IPC)
  • Behaviour Change Communication (BCC)
  • Risk Assessment
  • Social Counselling
  • Presumptive Treatment
  • Regular Monthly Checkups (RMC)
  • Syphilis Screening/Testing
  • STI Treatment (Syndromic Management)
  • Health Camps
  • HIV Testing (ICTC)
  • TB Testing
  • OI Management
  • ART Registration / Follow -ups
  • CCC Linkages
  • Support Groups
  • Crisis Management
  • Sensitization of Stakeholders
  • Condom Demo – Re demo
  • Condom Free Distribution
  • Condom Social Marketing
  • Lubrication Distribution

Organisation runs various Skill Development program to empower socially exploited communities.We have provided free basic computer learning provide to more than 75 needy people and fashion design and beauty parlor to 20 community people. We have provided free fashion designing, beauti parlour course to _____community people in coordination with L’Oreal Paris.

Organizing free Yoga camps & medical camps for stakeholders

The organization have Various stakeholders in the society from Various fields & backgrounds like Social & political leaders, Law enforcement agencies (Police, RPF, Advocates), Municipal medical officers etc.

Police is one of the important stakeholders who have a major role in running our TI programmes .Nowadays health problems of the police officials is a crucial challenge & serious issue as due to work overload, high stress majority of police are being dignosed with sever diseases like heart &kidney problems,STIs(sexual transmitted infections) ,mental illness ,depression etc.

To help the police officials to overcome their health problems we organized free Yoga camps & medical camps for local police officials& RPF(Railway police force).We teach them different kind of small breathing techniques which they can easily adopt & perform during their duty hours which will benefit them to fight with various health issues more effectively. Through free medical camps we provide services of free general checkup, Bloodpressure, MI ,blood checking for HIV &STI, eyecheck up & distribution of free medicines & eye glass at reasonable cost.

Ration & nutrition support for patients of non-curable diseases, BPL (below poverty line)families &physically disable people

The Organization is now willing to broaden the area of its services & cater services of the people struggling with severe, non-curable diseases (cancer, heart & kidney diseases) physically disable people, &their families. There are few schemes are implemented by government for the above population but in spite of that the reach this schemes are still not in reach to everyone due to various social, political & administrative reasons .As well as the schemes are limited only to medical support through government hospitals but the basic & essential need of nutrition & ration support is still unfulfilled which is a contradictory situation & not a symbol of a healthy society.

As a major responsible part of the society our organization feels a need to serve this population & fulfill their primary needs (nutrition/Ration) to strengthen the base of their livelihood.  To reach the target beneficiaries & achieve the objective rapidly & efficiently, we are making coordination with the “Matoshree Trust”, a renowned charitable trust having vast experience in working for every aspect of society’s well-being from a long time.